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Woody's Taphouse

4307 130th Avenue SE
Calgary, AB T2Z3V8
Tel: (403) 257-1666
Neighbourhood: Prestwick


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Worst Service Ever!!!!
By sydgat of Calgary Alberta (1 Review)
Submitted Wednesday, February 5, 2014 - 9:08pm [Dine in]

Well where to begin. We just went there tonight (Wing Wednesday) Walked in at about 6pm and there were maybe 5 tables of people in there (not very busy at all) with two waitresses and one bartender. It took about 15 minutes to just get our menus and then another 15 minutes to get 2 beers and a club soda (there were three of us eating). Then after another 15 minutes we finally got to put in our order. After about 30 more minutes we finally got our wings which were on the cold side. Our waitress kept apologizing saying they were so swamped and busy and had no manager and the bartender and her were both new. Whatever. Even if its your first shift get your shit together. There was absolutely no excuse for her not using a tray and walking one drink at a time to everyones tables and literally throwing our wings on the table not telling us which flavour was which. The bartender disappeared and rarely made an appearance and when she did she never was pouring drinks. When our wings came we ordered another round and it took over 30 minutes to get it. We were basically done eating at that point and ready to explode. We were also given no napkins (its wings so its pretty much a given that we will be needing them) and my cousin asked for hot sauce which the waitress never brought so my cousin walked up to the kitchen to get it herself and us some napkins. At the end we had to go up to get our bills because she obviously wasn't going to bring them (should have just left without paying...they probably wouldn't even have noticed). Everyone in there either was leaving because they weren't getting waited on or had to go up to the bar or the kitchen to get anything that they wanted. Friggen Ridiculous! Then when we all get our bills they charged me $2.50 for EACH GLASS OF CLUB SODA! SERIOUSLY!! I was the DD so I wasn't drinking. I have NEVER been to a bar where i was the DD and had to pay for my pops or club soda ever and I can understand charging once and giving free refills but for each one?!?!?! SOme broad was up there when we went to pay and she was all like "I even had to come in on my day off because its so busy" Umm it wasn't busy at all! I was a bartender for 2 years at one of the busiest bars in town and we always pulled it together and got everyone their stuff on time! Learn to use a tray and learn to get your shit together! Don't give me some sob story about how you haven't gotten to go pee in an hour you seriously had like 5 tables to deal with all of which only had like 2 or 3 people at them...and for frig sakes get a better bartender! It would take literally 30 seconds for her to pour our three drinks...if you are a bartender then STAY AT THE BAR! Don't be going in the back constantly or be on the phone...seriously! I don't ever write reviews...this is honestly my first one because I was that disgusted in this place. We live super close and wanted to have my birthday there so wanted to try out the food before we had a party with 15+ people and trust you me we will NEVER GO THERE AGAIN! They missed out on a lot of money for years to come because of this. Train your staff properly and if it is a night like wing night don't have 2 brand new girls who have no friggen idea what they are doing and no manager or anyone else experienced...its called management for a reason....ok this has gone on long enough but seriously NEVER EAT THERE!!

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