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Avec Bistro

550 11 Avenue SW, #105
Calgary, AB T2R1M7
Tel: (587) 352-0964
Neighbourhood: Beltline


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Kirk Shaw the Proprietor targets students and the disabled...
By nextupp of Calgary ab (1 Review)
Submitted Monday, July 7, 2014 - 2:52pm [Dine in]

I have not yet had the chance to eat at Avec café, however I did have the pleasure of meeting Kirk Shaw, one of the proprietors on a recent occasion, and wanted to comment on his ‘east coast charm’ that is mentioned in his bio on their website, and subsequently why I will not be dining there, as well as why you also should avoid it. I am a university student going on to do a Master’s Degree in September, and have been working across the street at the liquor store for a little over a year now….a few months ago, Kirk tried to use the AGLC to target us based on a prejudice he holds about a number of our customers (in plain terms he has a grudge against homeless people because he believes they hurt his business). Recently he tried again by coming into my place of work, and snapping photos of me serving a client who has lost a great deal of his motor skills (speech and walk). For him, this was the easiest way to get the store in trouble (and myself) for serving intoxicated patrons (which we do not). Despite my trying to explain to him the client’s physical capacity, he basically shouted at me, snapped his pictures (which were illegal to take in nature in this instance), and walked off. Personally I found it stunning and extremely disrespectful that the owner of a respected establishment would behave in such a child-like manner. First of all, he chose to sneakily target the only regular customer we have who would appear intoxicated if one had not ever exchanged words with him, secondly, to date there has not been an actual conversation requested or had between himself and anyone at my place of work, and finally, he went about his business by attacking my own right to privacy at work, despite my attempt to calmly explain the situation he was witnessing… Again not to mention that I’m just a part-time student employee trying to support my schooling. Kirk has basically been throwing a tantrum and attacking the easiest targets. I wrote about this because I personally don’t feel he deserves to be supported by us in any way if this is how he goes about dealing with his grievances… If you’re sitting at one of his tables and likely to spend a handsome sum on a meal and some wine then I’m sure he’ll show you some of that ‘east coast charm’, however if he has taken any issue with you, it is unlikely he will act in any respectful adult manner.

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