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7155 Kingsway, #110
Burnaby, BC V5E2V1
Tel: (604) 759-0016


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Bad service and Manager rude to customer upon complaint. of substandard roasted "chicken" sandwich
By thediner of Greater Vancouver Area (1 Review)
Submitted Wednesday, October 30, 2013 - 3:32pm [Take-out]

Why would a "Manager" treat regular customers so poorly?
The roasted chicken tasted terrible and was very spongy. It did not have any flavor and the texture was very unpleasant.
First the server had put the wrong items on the sandwich when asked such as the wrong sauce and was very stingy with all the ingredients unlike all the other subways we have been to.
Still we expected to have a good tasting sandwich but unfortunately the sandwich tasted horrible especially with the wrong sauce and this spongy, tasteless, so-called "chicken". Awful, Could not eat it. Returned the next day with the other half and and servers said no to a refund then talked to the Manager who was rude and said oddly that he cannot do any refunds the next day after a purchase. We had this sandwich before in the past but now according to this manager we find out this roasted chicken is made with filler. It may have also been a bad batch or old. Whatever the reason, the manager said that a complaint the next day is not honored. ???? This is very odd and surprising. He even picked it apart with his un-gloved fingers and of course this necessitates a substitute or refund. He would not even offer a refund of my money and after arguing and trying to intimidate he only gave a half a sandwich in return.
Very dissatisfied at the rudeness and poor customer relations and poor quality. We had not experienced this at a Subway restaurant before. This bad treatment is a good way to scare away customers. Subway headquarters would probably not be pleased.
This is unprofessional. A manager should give his regular customers the benefit of the doubt otherwise why in the world would someone bring in their sandwich and not have eaten it????

Customers be warned.

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