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Pearl Hot Pot

7154 Sperling Avenue
Burnaby, BC V5E2W5
Tel: (604) 516-0238


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Nice hot soup anyone ? ...
By darrenkadish of Burnaby, B.C. (46 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, April 2, 2007 - 10:03pm [Dine in]

My sister had been raving about this place forever, so we finally decided to go there tonight for dinner. It's quite a trek for dinner from North Burnaby to this place, but it was quite worth it.

We both ordered the Prime Rib hot pot with the Thai Style soup. I'll remember next time to order the regular soup - the Thai style was a bit too spicy for me. My nose was running the whole time I was eating. The prime rib was shaved thin, so all you had to do was dunk it into your boiling broth three times and it was good to go. They also give you this awesome concoction to dip your meat and veggies into. I just had one dip, but my sister soaked all her meat and veggies in it, so she had to get a second one. (She usually gets 3!).

Anyway, for $22.75 each we walked out stuffed and quite satisfied. I'll be sure to return again and try another dish. Maybe the Rib Eye hot pot next time.

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Quite Tasty
By SirEatALot of New Westminster/Vancouver/Richmond (4 Reviews)
Submitted Wednesday, March 19, 2008 - 2:07pm [Dine in]

After reading these reviews, my fiancee and I decided to try this place out. You sit at an oval bar where each person has their own small hot pot bowl (shabu shabu). Hopefully the person across from you isn't always looking at you.

The dipping sauce is almost the most tastiest (I'm a sause fan so I get 3-4), and the set meals are quite filling. Each meal comes with lthe main order plus lots of veggies and a small variety of other things, which is not as much as you'd get for paying the same price for all you can eat hot pot, but is still good value. Meals are $15-20 on average. My fiancee loves the sliced fish meal, and I get the short rib meal.

Don't get spicy soup (too spicy and no flavour), get plain. Most side dishes expensive - 4 balls/$3.50. Slushies come with the meal, we love their slushies! Staff is friendly. All in all, a great place to eat!

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wintertime shabu-shabu
By yummygal of lower mainland (18 Reviews)
Submitted Saturday, January 13, 2007 - 1:07pm [Dine in]

Hidden near the Japanese Canadian National museum this hotpot place has been around for a few years. Hotpot is a fun, social meal, basically it’s like a fondue u dip pre-sliced meats and veggies into an individual pot of simmering broth and cook it yourself. I recommend sticking with the basic broth, and the choices include fish, chicken, lamb, fish, seafood etc with veggies. The hotpot is served with rice or noodles, sauces, a raw egg and sweet bean soup at the end as dessert. The portions are large and by the end of it the broth becomes super tasty. My favorite is the lamb version it wasn’t too greasy.

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Terrible Hot Pot.
By Staceyg27 of Burnaby (1 Review)
Submitted Sunday, December 16, 2012 - 5:53pm [Dine in]

My husband and I were craving hot pot and our "go to" hot pot place wasn't open yet. So I did a quick google search and found Pearl Hot Pot that was relatively close, so we decided to try it..... Huge mistake. We get to the restaurant and it wasn't too busy maybe 10 people were there other than ourselves. Our waitress asked us to sit down and immediately asked what we wanted as if we'd been there before. I explained it was a first for us at the restaurant and she just said "oh choose your meat" I feel like her English was not great because whenever I asked her a question she never really answered it fully.

I ordered the Beef tenderloin with Satay Soup Base and my husband got Pork Tenderloin with Thai sweet and sour soup base (which honestly we both thought it was odd for a place advertising themselves as Japanese hot pot to have Thai choices. But my husband hates fish and all the other soup bases were fish based. So it was really his only option. Also our normal go to place only has one type of soup base a traditional soya sauce, Kirin and sake soup base. Anyways....)

We also asked our server about the the veggies and she said "oh yes you get lots of different kinds they come with the combo". She brings out our udon and a large bowl with veggies, and a small bowl with a brownliquid in it, which we later found out was our dip. We both looked at the "bowl of veggies" only to find it was 90% lettus (like grocery store head lettus), 2 small pieces of baby corn, 1 brown mushroom cap, 1 small bunch of Enoki (thin white mushrooms),2 pieces of tofu, two slices of tomato, some green clover like greens, 1 fishcake thing, i piece of crab and 1 raw shrimp (with eyes and all my poor husband turned green when he saw it, we didn't realize "veggies" included seafood. Needless to say we were already disappointed as at our "all you can eat" place we normally frequent let you choose whatever veggies you wanted so we were used to having a ton of variety.

Then the server turned on our hot pots, which almost overflowed Immediately after she left we had to rush to put some of the liquid in our bowls. We then started cooking the hot pots. My husband liked his pork and soup base. I found my soup base bland and flavorless and the beef was full of fat. Needless to say we were wishing there were more veggies.

At the end if it all it came to $52.00 before tip for our meal and the bill was not in English. We couldn't help feeling ripped off for lack of ingredients, and that the meal itself was sub par, service was poor, and ambiance was poor as well. We will never be back to this place again we learned our lesson and will be sticking with our normal hot pot place (I'd name it but I'm not sure if your allowed to name the competition in a review.)

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A hotpot is a hotpot
By jklau65 of granville, vancouver (9 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, July 7, 2008 - 10:56pm [Dine in]

I am a banana. I do know hotpots.

This is a Taiwan restaurant. We went on a Sunday evening. Ate from 7:30 to 10:30pm.

We were greeted promptly and asked to sit at the bar. The bar takes up about 1/3 of the seating area and seats about 25. The rest of the seating consists of 6-7 tables that only seat 4 people per table. North American pop music was playing softly. About 6 seats at the bar were being used.
Looking around I noticed framed photos of european countries on all the walls which did not make sense.
When seated we were served tea and asked to look over the menu which were our placemats. The waitresses were very helpful in answering our questions in english, mandarin, cantonese, and taiwanese.

Basically the choices are simple. Choose your soup base. Choose your main pot combo. The following things are included in your meal. You will be asked whether you want rice, udon, or rice vermicelli. You will also be asked what drink you would like with your meal. Vegetables and various fish cakes also come with the meal.
Choose any additional side orders you would like if you think there is not enough food. I am 240 pounds and I was full with just the seafood and meat (your choice of meat) main pot combo. My date had the fresh fish and meat.
The food was well cut and well presented which was 45% of the meal to me.
Overall a pretty good meal and time.
Yes I would recommend and go again.

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My favorite mini (personal size ) hotpot
By ieatoutalot of Burnaby (26 Reviews)
Submitted Saturday, February 3, 2007 - 1:08pm [Dine in]

I've always enjoyed eating at Pearl Hot Pot, and the food is good, and service's friendly. I've brought many of my friends & familes there over the years. I can honestly say this is the number 1 choice for mini (personal size) hot pot for me.

The place tend to be packed on the weekends, and also being wintertime, hot pot is a lot of people's favorite meal. They offer variety of side dishes you can order as add-on to your hot pot meal, and discounts for weekday lunch & late night (you can check with the restaurant on the detail). If you have never tried hot pot before, this is your chance!

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One of my favourites
By ButterBall of Vancouver (13 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, March 1, 2009 - 2:21am [Dine in]

This is probably one of the only hot pot restaurants that I would go to. I've been to many hot pot restaurants and this is by far one of the best. I usually end up sitting at the counter, just because there had to be at least 4 people in your party in order to have a table. I never get sick of their lamb and their sauce is to die for!

Service is excellent. Their always coming by to make sure my pot doesn't overboil and if I need anything, like extra ginger or onions, they're happy to give it to me. I've been going here for over 2 yrs and I've never been disappointed once. Highly recommended!

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My go to Hot Pot place
By I like 2 nom of North Burnaby (7 Reviews)
Submitted Thursday, August 30, 2012 - 11:30pm [Dine in]

Great value! Lots of different options. I also get the biggest urge for Hot Pot when it my time of the month (haha tmi? Sorry :P) and I usually crave cleaner and lighter tasting food. I always end up getting the beef or meat base soup with tons of veggies. I have had there more meaty pots and they're delicious as well. You get a lot of food for your money ( I usually end up packing up my food). You get your choice of different drinks (you might not like them if you're not familiar with the drinks) and dipping sauces (which you can refill as many times you want). You also get a raw egg as well which is nice since most restaurants charge you extra for it. It's kind of an annoyance that the temperature controls are on the other side but the waitstaff is usually very aware of it. Your meal also includes some frozen yogurt (or is it sherbert? the consistency is weird) to cool you right down.

Overall, I love this place even though the service and ambiance is lacking. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who's looking for traditional hot pot. Pearl Hot Pot is what hot pot should be about; friends & family and eating till you burst.

PS- On a completely different note, the eggs arrive on these egg holders made out of spring so I like pressing the egg down a little and watching them jump. Sometimes, I'll have a jumping duel between my boyfriend's egg and my egg to see which egg can jump the highest. Am I the only one who's entertained by this (haha) I glad I haven't broken any yet.

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Hot Pot Season is in full effect!!
By Ken6R of Burnaby (2 Reviews)
Submitted Tuesday, November 10, 2009 - 7:30pm [Dine in]

Fall is here - time for hot pot!!

This is the only place I can always count on to have a good hot pot experience with its good food and quick and friendly service. Its Shabu Shabu, so everyone has their own little pot so no need to pass this and that plate of whatever around with communal chopsticks.

You order your meat of choice and it comes with a plate of veggies with prawn in it, and then you choose between udon, rice, or vermicelli, a drink (plum juice or fruit punch), and a choice of chocolate or vanilla ice-cream at the end. (They used to have slush for drink and also strawberry frozen yogurt but I haven't found out what happened to those).

You can also add sides to it, like shrimp balls, pork blood, more taro, etc for $2 or $3/each.

Even though I'm the type that can pig out at an all-you-can-eat and out eat my friends, this is way more satisfying. Lamb Pot is what I normally order and at $13.95 its very good value and quite filling with the vegetables they give, but I usually add a couple of sides to it like meat and pork blood.

The inside is like a typical taiwanese restaurant. There are 6 or so tables good for parties of 4 and then the bar that's good for about 30 people that wraps around the aisle where the waitresses walks to serve everyone.

Now that winter is here, be sure to make reservations or you'll be watching people eating for an hour before they can seat you!! If you see the windows steamed up then that means you got there too late!!

PS - You can tell a lot about someone across the room by the way they eat their ice-cream.

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