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Ichimi Sushi

4567 Lougheed Hwy, #742K
Burnaby, BC V5C2Z6
Tel: (604) 299-2992


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Acceptable mall sushi
By princess123 of New Westminster BC (150 Reviews)
Submitted Saturday, March 14, 2009 - 3:57pm [Dine in]

This place actually had pretty good sushi and I think they might even use real crab in the California rolls. It's a little more expensive than some other mall sushi places but still pretty good.

My only two complaints are that the portion sizes vary. One time you order two rolls and they're huge and the next time teh same oreder is much smaller. Plus the Dynamite rolls are those giant ones that you can't stuff into you're face. Only order those if you're going to be eating it alone.

The worst part about this place is the staff. They barely speak English which makes it hard to order or make changes and they NEVER smile.

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no avocado?
By princessgaga of burnaby B.C. (120 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, September 3, 2010 - 12:18am [Dine in]

Was DYING for sushi today and knew just what I wanted. Got to this place asit was the closest to my office that I could walk to. I finally got to the front of the line and see sign NO AVOCADO. That was weird. I have never seen that before.

I had to walk away and order a sandwich. I was not happy. I went shopping . I went to Kin's market - they had ripe avocados. Are these people so helpless they can\t get them from here? They lost a lot of business becaujse of this. Dummies.

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Never Again
By MBAK of Vancouver (80 Reviews)
Submitted Tuesday, July 21, 2009 - 2:49pm [Dine in]

We decided to try this place out since we wanted some sushi, and it wasnt' too far...

The first thing that stood out was the poor service. The girl working at the cashier was rude, impolite, and gave off the impression that we were bothering her. All we ordered was 3-4 rolls, and she told us it would be 20 minutes. While I was waiting I guess it was too much trouble for them to tell us our order was ready, becaues i had to ask them if the one sitting there for 5 minutes was ours...

The food wasnt quite as bad as the service, but not enough to make us go back there again. The rice was hard, the portions were tiny, and for some reason it smelled more fishy than it should have..

I cant say i'm surprised though, there is no decent sushi in north burnaby.. you've got to go south for that...

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No fresh food, I want my money back
By Anka Sawas of Kits (1 Review)
Submitted Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - 3:08pm [Take-out]

Actually, I liked their sushi, although I found it a bit high priced. Nothing special, but good for lunch. Anyways, I always got the roll combo, tuna, salmon, california. I liked that I don't have to grab a sushi pack from a refrigerated place like in other lunch places in food courts, but rather having it produced freshly in front of me.

That must have stopped at a point. Last time I got my usual I watched the guy grabbing a salmon and california roll out of a box, which was standing next to the microwave. Not at all cooled. I told them, to please make the sushi fresh for me and they started to argue but eventually he did what I asked, although not with a smile.

Today, it happened again. But since I already saw those boxes line up on the counter next to the microwave I asked for fresh when ordering. He still took them out of the box. After discussing again how long or not long those boxes were standing there, he told me he will make them fresh but took the old rolls anyways. I saw that and got angry. Did he think I was stupid and didn't see it? I told them again, that I asked for fresh and again had to argue. He then placed the tray with the old stuff in front of me, his boss came and everything went crazy. Instead of an apology I got told, that it is totally food safe (it is not) and I have to take it and live with that. Other customers came and looked at us, like we were crazy. I don't need to discuss about my order. I just told them, that I wanted my money back, but I had to tell all three of them (cashier, cook and boss) to stop the discussion to get my money back and leave. a friend of mine was already waiting and watched how they kinda yelled at me in front of other customers.

Did this need to happen? It would have been 2 minute of work, if at all (for nearly 9 Dollar, easy money). You don't want it? Ok, then here you lost a customer. But I tell you what: Don't produce those things in advance, you're not McDonalds and your sushi is not cooked. And I don't wanna get into a discussion just because I asked for fresh. e.g. If I ask for a fresh burger at McDonalds I get it. That's their policy. Period! Think about it! You're offering a service to people, so start thinking like that. I don't wanna hear how long your sushi is lying on that counter! How do I know? And I am your customer and don't have to apologize for ordering fresh food at your place. I just don't come anymore. And I will tell other people! That's how it works!

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