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Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria

6011 Hastings Street
Burnaby, BC V5B1R8
Tel: (604) 299-8002 Reserve Online


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Lunch Visit
By cocoeater of vancouver (323 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, November 23, 2012 - 9:35am [Dine in]

Went here on a weekday and the place looks great. The wood fired pizza oven is right by the entrance with an open kitchen to the side. Long bar in the back with some sort of wine storage system for opened bottles. Great renovation job since the last resto. Seated by the window and place is not that big, they have some large tables made out of large timbers and some outdoor seating. They have a few big screens for the sport fans. Ordered an arugla salad with bacon, blue cheese, nuts - very good, then shared a meatball ricotta pizza - good with the thin crust but gets a big soggy if left for a bit and shared a meat sauce pasta - good but would of preferred fresh pasta instead of the dried. Service was great wtih attentive service and frequent checks. Would come back to try the other pizzas.

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Great new addition to North Burnaby ~ Burnaby's best pizzeria
By BigAnthony of North Burnaby (106 Reviews)
Submitted Wednesday, August 1, 2012 - 2:37pm [Dine in]

Had lunch here today with my father, they said it was day 3 as they just opened the place. It's clean and beautiful with friendly and professional staff. We had a pizza each and shared them half & half.
$12 Pizza Margherita - this was a great thin pizza, I picked it up and it flops over, just like when I eat pizza in Italy. Crust is awesome.
$18 Pizza Prosciutto - Same nice thin pizza, has some beautiful salty prosciutto on top.
They also have a great list of Italian beers. We had 1 Menabrea & 1 Bruton di Bruton. Good stuff.
I am happy to be able to get good authentic pizza right in north burnaby! Grazie we will be back.

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great pizza in North Burnaby
By itadakimasu of Vancouver (101 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, October 27, 2014 - 3:49pm [Take-out]

I've dined here a couple of times in the past year. What I remember most is how loud it gets inside with the high ceiling and music cranked. My first choice for Italian food in N.Bby was down one block but is now closed, so I thought I'd try Cotto again for take out. Kept it simple with a couple of pies and a salad. The pizzas are small but it's the quality that makes them shine....thin crust and not overloaded with toppings. If you want to get stuffed or feed the kid's soccer team, go to Pizza Hut. One small suggestion to the staff....if someone has ordered salad with their takeout, please don't pack it with the hot food - warm salad is sad.

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By italianfoodcritic of Burnaby (3 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, June 17, 2013 - 7:18pm [Dine in]

This was our third time at Cotto and it was very disappointing and we soon realized why. The original chef was no longer there and a much inferior chef has taken over. Each of the three times we have visited Cotto we have ordered the same items...calamari, beef carpaccio, margherita and prosciutto pizzas. The first two times with the old chef the food was fantastic and well prepared This last time though the food was NOT good.....the beef carpaccio now comes served with a disgusting aioli drizzled on top which completely overpowers the delicate flavor of the carpaccio. It was a complete disaster! No experienced and knowledgeable chef would ever ruin a carpaccio with such a sauce. It was served with some microgreens piled up in the middle of the plate. They used to serve it with arugula and a very light balsamic reduction which was so delicious and complimented the delicate flavors of the meat. Our calamari were overly salty and was not served with the fabulous cilantro puree it once came with. The pizzas were just ok. A little under done. Having had pizza in Naples countless times, I can tell you the pizza in a wood oven should have the dough on the underside and around the edges slightly charred(not burned but noticeably cooked)-not completely white and barely cooked which they were this last time at Cotto. The restaurant claims to be an enoteca but serves a limited selection of BC and Italian wines which are overpriced. The only positive note I can say is that the service was very good. Our server was polite and attentive. It's such a shame because when the old chef was there they were putting out some great food but times have changed, a new chef, and I definitely won't be back to drop $120 on a on a dinner like that again!

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Nice place, nice food, they don't know how their own promotions and made us wait over 30 minutes to pick up our food.
By mikaj of burnaby (6 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, March 9, 2014 - 10:55pm [Take-out]

So, this was a third time going to this restaurant. The first two times were dine in. It really is a nice looking restaurant, but service is usually very slow so we weren't sure if we would be returning for dine in. We signed up for their email list thing anyways.

My girlfriend received a Happy Birthday email with a $25 offer (*Come join us at Cotto and purchase an Entree at regular price and enjoy your second Entree, of equal or lesser value, with our compliments. (up to $25 value) So, I order a bunch of food and we go in to pick it up thinking that it would be fine to show it on my phone. The email didn't say anywhere that we would need to print it out.

So, we show up and the first waitress asks to see the email. She takes my phone to show the manager way over on the other side of the room then goes around asking some other staff. Then says that I have to forward the email to them so that they can print it out. So I email them... wait 10 minutes. They ask for another email... I send it again... and another after 5 minutes.

My girlfriend was getting very irritated as she was hungry and waiting for over 30 minutes just to use this coupon promotion. My girlfriend said to the waitress that we shouldn't have to wait this long just to use their promotion. The waitress just made up an excuse, stating that it wasn't her fault because she didn't make the promotion rather than just apologizing.

Our food was good, but older/colder from waiting and waiting.

SHORT STORY: It was a nice promotion, but it was so poorly handled. We had to over 30 minutes to get the staff to talk to each other and figure out how to use their own promotion and forward them their own email multiple times so that we could pay for the food with the discount. All that waiting just made our food 30+ minutes older/colder.

I would really like to love this restaurant because it's so close to where we live, it's a cool looking place to hang out, and the foods not bad either, but the service is just so disorganized that it hurts my brain.

I really don't want to go back there.

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Yet another corporate American-style restaurant
By Burnbaby of Metrotown, Burnaby (4 Reviews)
Submitted Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 8:10pm [Dine in]

I can't believe I read a review posted here that said that it was great to finally have a wood-fired pizza place in North Burnaby ... I guess he or she had never bothered visiting Domenico's! We had heard so much hype about this newly opened place, and were therefore really looking forward to it. We'd heard it was 'authentic', which the Proscuitto pizza we had definitely wasn't: Too thick, not charred, not crisp, and the combination of flavours simply didn't work. The sauce was unhappily too sweet, and the topping of arugula was sparse - I will give it that there was plenty of flavourful proscuitto ... The salad we shared, the Insalata Rucola, was tasty and generous, but again, the Balsamic drizzle was overly sweet, and the flavours didn't seem to blend well. Really, the best part of our meal was the marvelous, crisp, toasty and tender slices of focaccia with a heavily oiled, garlicky mashed chick pea spread - our hopes were raised, only to be dashed when our actual pizza and salad arrived. The service was attentive, but flawed (we had to ask several times to get some minor additional items, and waited a good 10 minutes after asking before receiving our bill). A huge complaint is the standard corporate decor (think Cactus Club), the repetitive heavy-beat music, and the female hostesses dressed all in black with plunging necklines. Are we such a provincial little town that we still buy this? Some originality would be nice.

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