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Agra Tandoori Restaurant

3790 Canada Way, #110
Burnaby, BC V5G1G4
Tel: (604) 430-1600
Fax: (604) 430-1629


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Very good all these years but a couple of notes
By itadakimasu of Vancouver (101 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, May 13, 2013 - 3:11pm [Take-out]

We've been regular customers for many years (it used to be called Original Tandoori, I think) and the food has always been great. Service is friendly (we've eaten in but usually take out) and the premises is clean and neat. Free parking outside. The usual standards are wonderful (Butter Chicken, Biyarni, Tandoori, etc). My only peeves is, lately, the Kachumber Salad has almost been reduced to just cut up onions and carrots. There used to be more vegetables and it had a tartier taste. Also the Peshwari Nan used to have raisins and nuts and was a sweet, delightful bread but lately it just has coconut flakes.
Not sure if there was a change in the chef or what but bring back the old receipes and we're good.


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A lovely, proper, introduction to Indian cuisine
By WeekendChef of Burnaby (45 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, December 19, 2011 - 4:52pm [Dine in]

Hubby wanted Indian food and while I've never been a giant fan of the cuisine, I agreed. My only knowledge of Indian cuisine was butter chicken and well... lets face it. It's the Indian equivalent of Chinese food being sweet & sour pork. Well... I think he may be on the way to converting me! We started with veggie pakoras and they were piping hot and flavourful without being too much in your face with spices with a nice dipping sauce to go along with it. We then had a couple of share dishes including the chicken vindaloo, the butter chicken (because it was something he knew I'd eat) and the veggie korma, along with rice, spinach naan, garlic naan and pappadums. The veggie korma was soooooo good and incredibly creamy and rich. Over some rice,.. oh my! Yummy indeed! I ate it all up on him! A feast of spices and flavours. No room for dessert, though it was tempting. I did have a Chai tea with my meal as well and it was super rich and again, piping hot. All the food super hot. Not a cold dish amongst them.

A family owned restaurant with mama and papa in the kitchen and the adult children up front. There's a wee one there too that just hangs out and is such a sweet child. Always smiling and greeting people. I walked in and did a last minute take out order a week or two later and they had it ready in about 10 minutes for me... with a nice cold glass of water while I waited. Now, that's not really a major thing, but it's a nice touch for restaurants to do. Simple but acknowledges your presence and that you may be having a long day. The room can feel a little chilly but you know, good company and good food will warm up any environment. We found the prices to be very good for the amount of food we received as well. We've been back with friends and even though one fellow is particular about his food options, he was happy and ate and ate and ate.

Good food. Nice people. Will we be back? Absolutely. Looking forward to more veggie korma!

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homecooked taste, charges for delivery
By snowysakurasky of Vancouver (18 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, April 25, 2011 - 7:54pm [Delivery]

order: veggie pakoras*butter chicken*curry chicken*eggplant ...bhaltha?

food: i liked everything except the eggplant. it is just not my thing and i really regret spending $10 on it mushy and tomatoey. not necesarily low quality but really low satisfaction on my end

pakoras have a nice chutney and are the mixed veggie kind, not individualy fried veggies, for $5-something i am satisfied

curry is really yummy nice texture long strips of chicken can taste the cilantro and its great, my 3 year old ate some

butter chicken also good long strips and nice texture and taste of sauce. each of the chickens were 12.something

will not order delivery again. they charged $3 even though its close, then asked how much change i want back, so i felt forced to tip. i really dont like tipping for delivery especially when i get charged for it, so i will pick up next time

i was impressed that they came early

didnt try the naan or rice, and thank god as it was already $50

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Good food , no waiting
By servicefirst of Burnaby (7 Reviews)
Submitted Thursday, July 5, 2012 - 9:40pm [Dine in]

For some reason, this place is never busy. I know you're thinking well, then it can't be that good. I have been here twice in the last 9 months and it's been really good each time. We ordered take out the first time, a lamb curry and naan, fine, good taste, not too gamey. Second time with my husband and father. My father only eats indian food, so he knows if it's good or bad, and this was his first visit. He ordered the chicken curry spicy and that's what he got, he said it was very good. My husband and I ordered the thali, a few varieties of dishes that included a meat dish as well. We ordered butter chicken, very good. The surprise was the eggplant curry, OMG, I have never had such a delicious vegetarian curry anywhere. I told the waiter that it was fantastic and he says that it's one of the most popular dishes. We got rice, naan and papadum as well. The service was quick, friendly and we heard laughter through the restaurant with the staff and other guests. The bill came out to 30 bucks for the three of us and we had some leftover naan which we took home. No drinks, just water by the way. Next time will order just the eggplant curry and masala chai (another test to pass).

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Favourite Indian food!
By anonymous-eater of Vancouver (downtown) (8 Reviews)
Submitted Friday, February 27, 2015 - 11:14pm [Dine in]

I have dined here probably about 4 times now and have never been disappointed! The food had always been amazing and so tasty.
The people who work here are very friendly and the service is great.
The food always comes out very quickly and the portions are a good size as well. Ample parking out front. The only downside is the ambiance and the decor is a little dated.
Overall this is hands down my favourite Indian restaurant and they typically have great monthly specials that include wine, shared appy, main and dessert .

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