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Advertise on Dine Here

Dine Here is currently in the process of setting up an advertising program that will allow you to advertise directly with Dine Here.

Until then, you can still advertise on Dine Here by going to Google's AdWords and targetting ads to display on the site. Here are the basic steps on how to do this:

  1. Go to Google's AdWords website and login or register for an account.
  2. Once you have logged in, find the button called "New Campaign" and click it to create a new advertising campaign.
  3. Give the campaign a relevant name such as "Dine Here".
  4. In the Networks and Devices section, select the Let Me Choose radio button in Network, uncheck the Google Search checkbox, make sure the Display Network option is checked, and the Relevant pages only on the placements and audiences I manage option is selected.
  5. Set your maximum budget per day in dollars such as $5.
  6. Now you need to create your ad. The easiest thing to do is simply create a text ad as you do not need to create any creatives or ad banners.
  7. Once you have created your ad, go to the placement section to target your ad to Dine Here. In the text box below the text "Enter as many placements as you like, one per line.", enter dinehere.ca to target Dine Here's entire website. You can also enter specific URLs such as dinehere.ca/vancouver and dinehere.ca/r/vancouver for example to only target pages relating to the City of Vancouver.
  8. Finally, enter the maximum amount per click you are willing to pay for each visitor in the Default Bid.

This should get a text ad running targeted to display on Dine Here. However, if you do not bid enough, it may never be displayed so you need to check the settings and see whether the ad is being displayed.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the information provided here only provides the most basic steps to get a text ad displaying on Dine Here's website. There are a lot of settings that can be used to control an ad and you should spend some time learning Google's AdWords advertising system to fine tune your ad.