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2106 Whatcom Road
Abbotsford, BC V3G2K8
Tel: (604) 859-2050
Neighbourhood: Lower Sumas Mountain


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One of the WORST McDonalds around
By princess123 of New Westminster BC (150 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, September 6, 2010 - 1:55pm [Dine in]

This place has consistently BAD service and they can't even get the food to spec. Today the hashbrowns were RAW in the middle and literally dripping with grease on the outside. My kid took one bite and puked.

I ordered one juice, one hashbrown and one Egg McMuffin meal Extra Value meal. Is that difficult? Apparently the girl was absolutely bewildered and took forever to get it all together. When she finally put the stuff on the tray I told her that the coffee should be medium not small as it was an extra value meal - I was VERY polite about it. She started shaking and nearly having convulsions while she went to get the medium coffee. Then I pointed out nicely, I might add, that there should be 3 harbrowns on the tray as I ordered one and an extra value meal which gets 2. She burst into tears and then all the staff looked at me like I was a physco mean customer or something. She was totally weird and should not have been working with customers.

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Do they right care about service
By Dolphin13 of Abbotsford BC (3 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, December 30, 2012 - 4:01pm [Dine in]

The service is very poor going through the drive-in window. The staff, mostly young teens who are not trained in service, add to the frustration of getting a meal. The staff has trouble listening to the order being given, this could be the giggling or conversations with other employees while taking orders. Do they care about the customer or do they just treat the workplace as a play place comes to mind. I would not tell other people to go and order food as the burgers or whatever you order is slapped together like the "cook" is in. Hurry and has better things to do than prepare a meal. Thumbs down to ever trains and supervises this employees.

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Bad with orders and poorly managed.
By madhatter of Abbotsford, BC (1 Review)
Submitted Saturday, December 22, 2012 - 9:31pm [Take-out]

I pass by here and have tried the food and coffee on several occasions. Thinking each time that it was likely unusual for someone to get an order incorrect since it is McDonald's and supposed to have uniform service and product, I return, only to be disappointed and surprised.
I have had cold burgers, orders without onions, missing fries and 20 pickles one time, when I asked for extra pickle! It is crazy. I would say out of about 20 times between me and my family members going here, they have had poor food or the wrong order about half the time. Cold food is the worst and when you tell them you want extra they either give you none at all of what you want more of or give you so much, you can't eat it or just forget your special request. It's ridiculous and the teenagers there just laugh and smirk if you say anything. It really needs an adult manager on site to keep the more inexperienced or carefree employees customer focused/ polite and make them do their jobs properly. It is as if it is a joke for them serving the public and getting a reaction. The only thing I will buy there now is coffee when the Tim Horton's line is so long you have to go to McDonalds, instead. I have actually found a better McDonalds at the Sumas Exit if you don't mind going a bit out of your way. At least you get what you expect. The owner is obviously relying on the Whatcom Exit's busy intersection near that highway to get volume, not repeat customers. And let's face it, like me, most people assume when they get bad food or service that it is a one off, but it isn't here. It is standard.
I think the problem at this place is obviously its not properly managed. Other McDonald's have always been good for what they do.

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Pull up a chair, this will take awhile. Beyond horrible experience.
By abbyshopper of Abbotsford, Fraser Valley (1 Review)
Submitted Sunday, September 2, 2012 - 9:55pm [Dine in]

Restaurant was very busy. I ordered my meal and stood off to the side and waited, and waited, and waited. Several other people after me ordered and had already picked up their meals. I asked the employee if it were possible that my meal had been missed, and he said 'hey, I'm not the one who makes the orders', and he was extremely rude, defensive and aggressive. I told him that it was the order with the coupon, and included the milkshake. He shoved the order into a bag and put it on the counter and went right onto the next person in line without acknowledging if the order had been completed.

No receipt, no checking the order, no service at all. As a matter of fact, the fellow at the counter ignored me. I asked to see the manager, and another person came out who I thought would take care of the matter. He gave me the name and phone number of the manager who could take care of the issue. I went out to the car and discovered that the fries that I had ordered were not in the bag, so I had to go back into the restaurant and stand in line again. By that time, I had a meal that was completely cold.

When I got home (we live less than 5 mins away from the restaurant, but was there for 55 minutes) and dialed the number that was scribbled on the piece of paper. I asked if he was the manager, and he said that he was. I then went on to tell him that, in my opinion, he had an employee that was probably costing him allot of money by giving very poor service. His words were 'I'll take that under advisement', and was about to let me hang up. I thought something was very strange because he did not say 'I'm very sorry, I will offer you a free meal' , or something to offer some kind of service, and I told him that, he was about to let me hang up without taking either my name, phone number or contact information.

He then told me that I had phoned him at his home phone, and to phone him at the store tomorrow. First, why would anyone give out any managers home phone number. And why didn't the manager offer to immediately take my contact information. Why wasn't the manager at the store where he could have dealt with the issue before I had to make a phone call, and why was this issue allowed to spiral out of control because of something that could have been handled by the employee double checking the order, handling it with professionalism and courtesy. Instead, not only was there one mistake, but, I'm sure that McDonalds protocol certainly would not permit an employee giving out a managers own home phone number. Please keep in mind, that, when the employee gave me the managers home phone number, his address could be cross referenced, and his personal address could have easily been acquired. That is personal information that should NEVER be given out to anyone under any circumstances, and should be a matter of security.

So, whats stopping someone from publicly putting the managers home phone number in this review? Nothing. That's not very intelligent.

McDonalds has a procedure for everything. So, why did two of their employees blatantly disregard procedure by choosing to present terrible service. Congratulations McDonalds. I don't know about you, but I'm hate'n it. Service was the worse I have ever seen. The ability to fix the issue was beyond terrible, and handing out personal phone numbers of managers was just beyond comprehension. I am wondering if, the person I spoke with that gave me the managers phone number phoned the manager and told him to expect the call? Why would the manager say 'I'll take it under advisement' instead of just offering to fix it right away. These are questions that I would want answered if I owned that McDonalds franchise.

Don't employees know that, with the invention of the internet, a consumer can go online and had the ability to directly affect sales as well as profit for business owners.

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