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Samurai Sushi on Fraser

6428 Fraser Street
Vancouver, BC V5W3A4
Tel: (604) 676-4479
Neighbourhood: Sunset


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By ratrod of Vancouver (19 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, July 6, 2009 - 5:53pm [Dine in]

You don't take a girl to Samurai Sushi on a first date. That's just not what this place is all about.

No, you go there for the value. Decent food, great price, big portions. The nigiri in particular is actually even a bit too big, but I still order it.

If you're really hungry, got a craving for sushi, and don't care about looks, check this place out! But if you're taking out a client, and want to close a deal, this is not your place.

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  • Service
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By sfustudent208 of New Westminster (19 Reviews)
Submitted Wednesday, February 11, 2009 - 1:07am [Dine in]

My bf and I love this place, his fav has to be the salmon sashimi and I simply enjoy the rolls, they are large
We place a large order because everyone we know has to have some when we bring it home,
The service is wonderful since they know us now, we always get exactly what we want with smiles and pleasantries.
The sashimi pieces are almost the size of fillets, so my bf cuts them down.
The rolls are delicious and the extras are great too.
We only wish they served warm food as well like gyoza and terriyaki meats
This is one of the best sushi places we ve been to, well worth the feed at a reasonable price, but the restaurant is too small and you have to take it out.
Other then that we frequent this place with regularity.

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No Wonder theyre named Samurai Sushi..
By usernameloginone of Vancouver (4 Reviews)
Submitted Saturday, November 22, 2008 - 11:55pm [Dine in]

When i first tried this sushi place I personally did not like it because the sushis were extreeemeely BIG. therefore hard to eat.
anyways after few months I was hungry so I decided to buy sushi here and I started to like it.
Besides the cheap price they have here, the sushi's are big. I guess thats why they named it Samurai Sushi..
Anyways, Ive always only ordered salmon or any kind of sashimi in All You can Eat restaurants because they are too expenisve to order in a normal one.

But lo and behold! I got the $4.95 half salmon sashimi and it was
ridiculously big for the price! It was well worth it!

The staff are always friendly as well as the chefs who greet the customers as well.
And they wont force you to tip them, like say you pay debit or credit card, it doesnt indicate any tip button thingie but I think they deserve a good tip for their food and service.

The spider crab sushi is really good. Ive always delayed trying it because it's $7.95 or around that but it was worth it.
The SSSR (Shrimp Salmon etc) roll was really good too an donly $3.50 i think.

Awesome food.

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excellent value for the money
By restaurantreviews of Vancouver (4 Reviews)
Submitted Thursday, April 30, 2009 - 9:28am [Dine in]

I've only tried Samurai Sushi at the Fraser and Denman locations. The Denman restaurant is a lot bigger but they're both good. I personally highly recommend the Fraser location because they serve the most generous amount of sushi and sashimi for a very economical price that I've seen in town. The service is pretty good and friendly too.

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Giant portions
By heyjohnny of vancouver (3 Reviews)
Submitted Tuesday, September 2, 2008 - 1:03am [Dine in]

The house roll at samurai is HUGE and delicious. I personally love the extra mayo on the California rolls although I know that it's not everybody's forte but I think they're extremely creamy and rich. Don't think that you should compare this place to an upperscale sushi restaurant because it isn't, but, it is great for what it is. Also the sushi chefs are a great bunch of guys who always say hi and goodbye even though they're behind the counter.

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
By tripware of Vancouver (5 Reviews)
Submitted Saturday, February 2, 2008 - 5:43pm [Dine in]

Not exactly the best quality sushi but it's okay if you're hungry and you want to have a salmon roll to tide you over. I find their special rolls rather overwhelming and not very good. The spicy tuna roll was gross as well as the chopped scallop roll.

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