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Michael's Artisan Bakery & Cafe

15578 24 Avenue
Surrey, BC V4A2J5
Tel: (604) 541-9222


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Maybe it should be better than it shows
By EatsFats of Vancouver (322 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, March 28, 2010 - 10:20pm [Dine in]

We were in the area and randomly decided to eat here to satiate our tummies.
It looks like just a little cafe, but with quite a sizeable area for the actual baking.

Ordered a couple of soup and sandwich/bread. Staff was quite friendly, though they are moving at a more relaxed pace. :-)
The soup, well, that was actually pretty good. Chicken noodle and a goulash. I have to give a decent thumbs up on that one.

The sandwich and bread? Well, it should've been a lot better than it was. The bread was fairly thinly sliced and toasted for some reason, so what ended up happening was the bread was lost amongst everything else. Come on, for a bakery and the enticing loaves of bread they have around, the bread should be at least half the highlight. Perhaps staff needs training? I dunno, they could do better.

On the other hand we were glad to have something like this in the area, which is mostly surrounded by stuff like ABC restaurant and the like...

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Why did i bother?
By silntbobb of Surrey , B.C. (4 Reviews)
Submitted Tuesday, March 22, 2016 - 2:47pm [Dine in]

I went looking for a place for a good cup of coffee and a fresh baked pastry, i found Michaels in south surrey..too bad I didn't look more before trying this place out. First i ordered a cup of medium coffee, came out to me room temperature, and without any cream or sugar on the side, had to ask for it after she dropped it and ran away. Not impressed, so when i went up and asked if i could just have a croissant with a piece of cheese in it or on the side i was told " we dont do that" im like really? you serve sandwiches here and i cant get a plain croissant that you use for said sandwiches?...after what seemed too long to come to the idea of plain from the server, i get one with ham and cheese inside...again, i said plain with cheese..not ham and cheese..good thing
it wasn't against my religion or im allergic to pork. So they pulled out the ham and gave it back to me.

I find this quite unacceptable in this day and age where most people are very conscious of what they eat, but whatever, ill never go back...but the real kicker is they charged me 9 dollars for a the croissant and cheese..9 flipping dollars, because they can only charge for the sandwiches on the menu...I paid and left, my 9 dollar croissant has tainted my appetite for ever dining at this place again.

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Recent Favorite
By spencerandamber73 of Vancouver (downtown) (2 Reviews)
Submitted Tuesday, May 18, 2010 - 5:17pm [Dine in]

We were shopping nearby and decided to try this place out, and are so glad we did. We eat out ALOT and this place is now in our regular routine (2-4 times a week). The sandwiches are generous and affordable at 6.95 each, we share one between the two of us, get some treats from the large selection of stuff they make themselves, a drink, and one of their AMAZING sausage rolls to go, and its just under $15. The only not so great thing is that there is not a lot of privacy while you eat as it's an open floor so we usually get it to go. Some of the staff aren't the warmest, but they are not rude, don't rush you to make a decision, and treat you well. Definitely recommend to anyone who likes lunch.

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