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American Grille Restaurant

7571 Westminister Hwy
Richmond, BC V6X1A3
Tel: (604) 232-2804 Reserve Online


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Don't bother
By foodcritique of Surrey , BC (9 Reviews)
Submitted Saturday, February 5, 2011 - 11:48pm [Dine in]

Went there last Saturday for DOV (Dine out Vancouver) party of 4. The ambiance is nice, your typical hotel restaurant.

The service wasn't that great. The restaurant I believe was @ capacity, but there were maybe 2 servers on the floor. Our server just wasn't attentive enough, she never offered to refill our drinks, didn't come by & ask us how our meal was which was too bad as I had to send my meal back and because it took me so long to flag her down the others in my party were more than halfway through their meals & by the time I got a new meal they were done. She was on most-part non-exsistent, but then having to oversee so many tables I guess there just wasn't enough of her to go around.

The food was hit & miss. My girlfriend & I decided to order from the DOV menu, while our husbands decided to order off the regular menu. The Ahi Tuna starter was very good, good flavours, a little on the small size for serving portion, but a little ahi tuna does go a long way. The Roasted Garlic Squash soup enjoyed by my friend was as she put it "liquid pumpkin pie". My husband's "homemade" chicken noodle soup was "upscale" soup in a can, and my friend's husband's Caesar salad, "it's caesar salad what do you expect?". For the main I had the Veal Saltimbocca. I was excited as this was the first time I was having veal. I had to send it back. The veal was extremely tough & chewy & the rissotto was hard & bland. I opted to try the Smoke Sable Fish instead as my friend said she enjoyed hers. For me it was utterly disappointing. The fish was oversmoked that it actually tasted & smelled like tin Sardines. The sweetness & saltiness of the sauce was very overpowering, & the portion of the fish was ridiculously small. Not to mention the fingerling potatoes were undercooked. As it was getting late I ate what I could & left the rest. My husband had the Marriot Burger & his only comment was that he has had better, the fries however were very good. My friend's husband had the 8oz Alberta Striploin & he said he too has had better & for much less $$. As for the dessert, 2 of us had the Mille Fuille. The puff pastry was harder than hockey pucks. I could barely cut through it with my knife & fork. The flavours were okay, but not sure how one could manange to absolutely ruin puff pastry. The Pineapple Gelato served with it though was amazing. Absolutely delicious. I would have prefered just a small bowl of that. My girlfriend had the Lemon Tart which she said was okay. My husband had the decadent chocolate cake which was just that decadent. When the bill came, I was very dissappointed to see that there had been no discount off my bill for the terrible Veal dish. I know they corrected it by serving me something different, but I was not able to enjoy my main with my friends. They had finished their main & had to sit there & watch me eat mine. They could have done a little something to make it better.

Overall the value was just not worth it, & the meal like I said was hit & miss. As for the service they really could use @ least one extra person on the floor. With so many restaurants in the lower mainland to try, and so many restaurants I want to return to, this is not one of them and I don't think I'll ever be back. On the plus side, they do validate parking.

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My favorite place
By jiujai of Vancouver (3 Reviews)
Submitted Saturday, December 5, 2009 - 1:50am [Dine in]

Well, I should put in a good review for this guys three years ago but then I don't like my favorite place pack with people and rise their price (which happen to lot of other good place recently). But now seeing so many good review too late to hide my gem...

Food taste is real downtown fine restaurant quality. Better then the one inside hotel Vancouver. In pier with the one inside Hyatt. Very very close to (not as good as Joe Forte) I don't have sensitive taste but they don't cheap on ingredients and they are generous with it.

Service: Incredible. I think every fine restaurant owner/manager should send someone here to learn. Once we walk in and we order soup + entree, which add up ~$35. The manager told us actually they are running a promo that any appz + entree is $30 (something like that), and as the soup is the cheapest item on the menu we can try the crab cake + steak for lower price (which normally cost 40+). Nice $_$

Value: Very good. I'm a bargain hunter. This is not a cheap place we go every weekend but it's my favorite place if I'm in good mood to go for some good food or in bad mood for try some solid place to cheer me up.

Ambiance: It's good. Consider it's next to a bar and lot of hotel guess come down with t-shirt and jeans, it may not be a place you ask someone to marry you. But it's still good for a dating nite out.

Summary, richmond price, downtown quality, family restaurant portion. This is the only hotel restaurant I ever see that actually have better value then those around them (most hotel restaurant are there for screwing people too lazy to walk).

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Don't order steak
By Bubbletea of Richmond (7 Reviews)
Submitted Wednesday, February 28, 2007 - 12:05am [Dine in]

Thinking that it was probably a pretty good restaurant, as I saw many customers. I am not sure whether it was the wrong choice of food, or whether the food quality was just overall below expectation. I ordered a steak, which was so hard that I had trouble eating every part of.

After the meal, I looked around... and found that the majority of customers are in the higher age groups. So I'm thinking, the seafood might be better here, since higher age groups tend to order seafood.

Service was as good as expected in a hotel restaurant. I have never went back to eat here again. I'm going back to Milestones/Cactus/Boathouse/Keg for steaks.

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These guys cant grille
By alaw2k of Richmond (1 Review)
Submitted Wednesday, August 16, 2006 - 4:49pm [Dine in]

I ordered a steak medium rare.. and it came out more that well done.. it looked like they boiled it with water as I dont see any signs of grilling.. I cant cut through it and gave up after chewing a couple pieces... my date ordered seafood something on rice... It was like having canned tomato soup in overcooked seafood with rice.. terrible food!!!

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Solid All Around
By KarenS of Richmond, BC (5 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, September 4, 2006 - 3:02pm [Dine in]

This is probably one of my few Fine Dining or Upscale Casual Dining Experiences. The American Grille is a charming little spot, dimly lit, candles on tables and resonable prices for what they are offering . We went in last Saturday Night, using our entertainment coupon. We both had their Lamb Tenderloin, w/ Pomme Fritte [ I think thats how you spell it :) ]. The meat was cooked fantastically, it practically melted in my mouth, decent sized portion & a simple yet appitizing plate presentation. The service was fantastic; they were attentive, non intrusive, caring & timely with all aspects of our evening. We were full from our dinner and therefore did not get a chance to experience their desserts, but from the looks of their dessert menu, they do seem to have a few enticing dessert dishes available. Overall, charming establishment.

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Return Visit
By axelsahabundhu of surrey (6 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, May 14, 2006 - 9:01pm [Dine in]

My last visit to the American Grill was a favourable one, we experienced their $34 3 course feature menu, which as we learned they update every two weeks, so, we returned.

We arrived and through the hotels main lobby, were pleasently greeted by the bell boy and proceeded to the Grill, where we were promptly greeted & seated at a window table with a view of the busy itersection of Westminster & Minoru next to two elephent statues, overall it was a nice table. Our server, a very lively woman came over shortly after we were seated & took our drink orders and recited the days specials.

My colleague went for the 3 course dinner again & from what I can tell he enjoyed it. Myself on the other hand, I wasn't looking for such a filling meal so I ordered off their regular menu and went for their steak & blue cheese salad. I was intrigued by the combination, so I decided to be brave it allthough I was initially a bit skeptical but was reassured by the waitresses assurance that it was very good. End result, as Emrald might say: "BAM!!!", It was one of the better dished I've had when dining out in the recently, It was just what I was looking for, I had my protien from the steak, which was made to my specifications, eating salad, well in my book if you ate salad thats eating healthy and the blue cheese just added a dimention to the meal that was both unexpected and vey much enjoyed & overall it was the perfect balance between not being too heavy & not being too light.

Overall, this is my second favourable experience at this establishment, I like the atmosphere, the location is convienent for me, the service is good and so far, I'm just loving the food.

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