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bennayqVancouverSince March 6, 20111 Review
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RTL Regional Tasting Lounge1130 Mainland, Vancouver
R.TL = Rauncy, Terrible, and Lousy
Submitted Sunday, March 6, 2011 - 2:41pm [Dine in]

We went to R.TL last night with a big group and had made reservations. We were given a $35 three course meal (if you can call it that).
I will not go into the starters and deserts because it is not worth the time (they were terrible - when they give you ice cream and call it gelato you know there is something wrong). For our entree we had a choice of Jerk Chicken, Steak, or Salmon. As our group was large (20-30 people), I was able to try each one (also because very FEW people actually ate their whole entree - it was that bad). The Jerk Chicken was like a dry cooked chicken with some sort of spicy sauce on top of it. It was not seasoned properly - I have had Jerk Chicken before and this was not it. The sauce was terrible and the chicken on the inside was dry. The person beside me was actually peeling off the skin and trying to eat the inside of the chicken where there was no sauce. In the end, he gave up. His mango salad was barely touched. It was sour and almost tasted bad - similar to our starter salads. I ordered the Salmon that was suppose to come with rice pilaf and veggies. The Salmon was very dry and came with plain white rice (like something you would get at a Chinese restaurant however they would provide you an entree with flavour with it, not like my dry Salmon). The sauce on top of the Salmon was not very good and there was so little (which almost made it better because it was so bad). The Steak meal which my brother had was a thin piece of bad meat. He asked for medium-rare and it was given to him well done. My brother can eat anything and he ended up eating only half and did not touch what came with (I could not tell what it did come with - some sort of mashed veggies).
The drinks were expensive - a round of 8 shots to celebrate my cousin's engagement was over $90. Out of the group, the 4 family members I was with, we had a couple of drinks with our meal (I really think you can't call it that - we went to McDonalds afterward which would be 5-star compared to this place at the rate we paid). Speaking of our bill, for the 5 of us it came to over $400 - excluding the 8 shots. Gratuity tip was already included which is expected with groups but the drinks were outrageous and the food was terrible (they never even asked if we were okay because I believe they suspected it was lousy food). My brother asked if he could order off their regular menu but he was told no and that we had a special group rate and menu. Based on their special group menu I can only imagine their regular dishes to be twice as expensive and twice as bad.
I do not recommend this place to anyone. Although our group was fairly big, I believe throughout the night there was maybe only one or two other very small groups that came to eat at the restaurant (there was seats open). I suspect this place will close down (at least I hope it does).
This is a warning to you all that are considering this place because you might think how could a place in Yale Town be bad... well, this place is beyond bad!
Avoid at all costs...

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